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The Community College Of Southern Nevada

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introduction: I made this community for students, staff, ex-students, or anyone who wants to join.

CCSN is the third largest community college in the country! Almost 10k active students are enrolled from boulder city all the way to Tonopah, yet lacks clubs and social organizations that universities such as UNLV and UNR offer. CCSN are one of the few community colleges in the country where department heads have PHD's and active research is done. I plan to make this community as a central place to rant, discuss classes and teachers, meet up with people, and make friends.

I plan to make this a fairly liberal community with few rules, similiar to our sister school unlv.

1.The only 2 things I ask of you all is to follow the "TOS" or terms of service, such as posting inappropriate content and starting flame wars, etc.

2. Second if you want to post pics, please us an LJ-cut because many here still use modems. Especially those in Pahrump and Tonopah.

If you have idea's about this community and what you like and dislike it, please feel free to bring it up. I am fairly new to this and lack some photoshop and advanced html skills.

Other communities of interest:

unlv, unr and lasvegas

moderator sinistertim101 and my former name tim10101

If anyone wants to co-moderate ccsn please leave a message in my sinistertim101 account. I have not lived in Las Vegas in over a year and I pretty much let this community grow on its own. It would be nice to have a more official moderator.